6 Reasons to Include a Wellness Program in Workplace

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Wellness programs are studied for decades, in the context of the other advantages of your workplace. The effect of wellness programs is rigorously evaluated by numerous scientific research. We have a considerable amount of data, which shows the benefits of a wellness program, from decades of scientists evaluating programs.

This research will help support the six most popular reasons to invite your employees to a wellness spa in Edmond, OK.

Improvement of Employee’s Health

The core of each good health program is behaviorial changes. People can change their behavior in healthy ways with the right education, qualifications, motivation, skills and social support. Wellness programs help people adopt healthy behaviors and sustain them. This may be the most significant advantage of a wellness program. Healthy behavior results in lower risk for health problems and chronic illness. With fewer chronic conditions, the cost of medical attention is reduced.

Reduce Health Risks

The basis of any good wellness program, however, must be to help employees to conduct themselves safely. High blood glucose, high cholesterol in the blood and high blood pressure are nearly all caused by unhealthy diets and physical inactivity.

Reduce Medical Cost

It is important to know how effective a wellness program is for reducing medical costs. A lunch and nutrition knowledge or just a screening is not enough. In Edmond, OK, the impact of the wellness spa was evaluated by a group of investigators. This workplace spends less on medical costs than before the program began, after four years of wellbeing improvements. They saved $3.3 for every dollar spent on the wellness program.

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Improvement of Productivity

Poor productivity of employees can be defined as working but actually not working. Illness absenteeism can also be responsible for reduced productivity. The cost of absenteeism due to poor health is generally two to three times higher than the costs associated with direct healthcare. There are many causes of low productivity among employees. Poor health is one of them. Along with the employees who smoke or eat an unhealthy diet, people who suffer from back or neck pain are more likely to be absent by 79%.

Reduce Absenteeism

More than 50 papers examine the links between workplace wellness and reduced absenteeism. Cost savings will be made for any wellness program that reduces absenteeism. Researchers from Harvard have investigated the ROI of wellbeing programs versus absenteeism and have shown that choosing a wellness spa in Edmond, OK, can save $2.73 for every dollar and reduce absences.

Increase Employee Retention

Wellness programs have a substantial effect on retention. Conservation is the workplace's ability to keep its workforce. Rich benefits also have a strong retention impact, but a good well-being program can help keep employees loyal. By offering a wellness program for your staff, you let them know that you want to keep your staff healthy and efficient. This knowledge can help persuade employees to stay there.

For the wellness spa program at your office in Edmond, OK, contact us at Sante Clinic & Med Spa for the service. It is an excellent way to grow your business and keep employee and employers happy just the same.

** Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.