Anxiety Management – How to Do It

The word anxiety has a broader spectrum these days. Our daily changing lifestyle, demands, urge to win the rat race and many other factors result in chronic anxiety. It can affect us in multiple ways such as panic attacks, behavioral changes, and difficulties with the central nervous system, immune system and respiratory system. According to reports published by the National Institute of Mental Health, nearly 40 million American adults suffer due to anxiety disorders every day. You can come to a wellness spa in Edmond, OK, for anxiety management.


Before you jump to gulping down pills to manage anxiety, here is a guide to handle it naturally.

  • Meditation – This is a well-known process to calm the mind and relax nerves. To meditate and to know the right process, you can contact the spa center. But how does it help? Meditation releases serotonin in the body that is known as the ‘happy hormone’. A daily session of 10 minutes of meditation can boost this hormone level and make you feel relaxed.

  • Be Proactive – Follow a regular exercise regime and make it a part of your everyday routine. 20 minutes of regular exercise stimulates blood circulation and makes you feel energetic throughout the day. Physical exercise is known to shower multiple benefits on the body. Amongst those, the most prominent one is the release of chemical neurotransmitter endorphins and endocannabinoid which can make you feel happy.

  • A Good Sleep – Being deprived of sleep regularly can make you be anxious and the visible signs of lack of sleep including redness and puffiness under the eyes, dark circles, freckles on the skin, brittle hair etc. will become prominent. Part of that, you will feel fatigued and lethargic, lack of concentration, loss of appetite all day. Allocate an ample amount of time to rest to rejuvenate the cells. Sleep seven to nine hours a day. Our daily hectic schedule and physical and mental stress stores carbon-dioxide in cells and it can boost anxiety. Sleep restores the cells supplying enough oxygen, thus, it helps in relieving stress.

  • Spend Time in Nature – Have a walk on the green grass barefoot if possible. Spend time in green surroundings. Nature has a calming effect on our nerves and it releases stress. It is the human instinct that our eyes always love the color green and we feel better being in a garden or in a forest.

  • Soak up the Sun – After sleeping enough, try to wake up early in the morning. Kick-start your day soaking your body in the morning sunshine. Try to have a morning walk, your body will get more Vitamin-D that helps to make a stronger body and a healthier mind.

  • Have Good Food – Having good food on your plate does not always mean restaurant hopping. Fill up your plates with organic vegetables, fish and chicken. You can also make a diet chart consulting a dietician.

  • Nourish Hobbies – If you have forgotten hobbies, nurture them again. Be a member of a local library, start growing a kitchen or balcony garden, play games or anything you enjoy the most.

  • Be Social – The wellness spa in Edmond, OK, suggests staying away from social media and visit your friends. Hang out with friends and spend quality time with them. It is proven that spending time with family and close friends reduces anxiety and stress.

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You can contact Sante Clinic & Medi Spa, the known wellness spa in Edmond, OK, for further help. They will show you the right ways to meditate and to relieve anxiety.