Brief on Hormone Replacement Therapy

Anti-aging therapies are a primary global business, reflecting the human wish to combat nature and live a long life. In the past 20 years, numerous anti-aging practices were aimed at delaying or even stopping the effects of aging on the human body.

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In Edmond, OK, hormone replacement is one of the cornerstones of anti-aging. Women live in a state of deficiency for one-third of their lives, while men also experience a decrease in testosterone. The significance of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) in steroid-hormone production grows with age because it is needed for hormone production in both sexes. DHEA levels drop with age, however.

You need to define several critical parameters before you get into the heart of the matter. Health, as defined in 1948 by the WHO is not merely a lack of disease or infirmity, but rather is a state of complete well-being including mental, physical, and social. Aging is a gradual decline in body structure and function.

The definition of successful aging according to the Nurses' Health Study is to age without physical disabilities, cognitive impairment, mental health limitations, or chronic illnesses such as Parkinson's disease, cancer, pulmonary, cardiovascular, or renal diseases. The significant changes of physiology during perimenopause are the decline in the production of estrogen and progesterone.

It creates a new state that the body needs to adjust to. Therefore, the associated metabolic changes may be considered induced by menopause, but the main factors behind them are in fact in most cases the effects of aging itself. Nonetheless, it was always believed that treating menopause in women with the replacement of estrogen changes the hormonal environment, corrects the situation of deprivation and reverses physiological processes related to both menopause and age. It's logical, but in real life does this work?

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What does anti-aging therapy mean? Do we want to become younger or feel younger physiologically? Is it considered as an anti-aging intervention to prevent chronic aging diseases or to reduce the risk that these diseases might occur?

Scientists would say that we haven't found a way to stop the aging process, but we can only slow down certain areas of aging. It won’t make you 21 again, but by using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, it is possible to recover a more youthful physiology, fight the progression of age-related diseases like bone loss, and feel like a younger you.

If you live in Edmond, OK, and are ready to undergo hormone replacement therapy, you are welcome at Sante Clinic and Med Spa. We have experts who can diagnose your health condition and suggest the treatment for you.

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