Can HRT Help Heart Problems?

Can HRT Help Heart Problems?

Healthy women who naturally experience menopause may decrease their risk of heart disease if they take hormone therapy in their early menopause years. It's now available in Edmond, OK.

After investigating 654 postmenopausal women undergoing coronary angiography to look for proof of heart disease, researchers found that hormones used earlier in menopause were associated with fewer plaques in the heart of menopause females.

This study is the latest contribution to the long-term debate about the merits of hormonal therapy following menopause. Previous studies have shown that hormone therapy increases the risk of cardiovascular problems in women ten years into menopause or older.

The risk of cardiovascular disease does not seem to be reduced in women who have been on combined hormone therapy for just a few years, new research suggests. Their risk can rise somewhat if anything.

The study's analysis of data that linked hormonal therapy to heart disease found a small but not statistically significant increase in the risk of heart disease when started within ten years of menopause, even in the first three years of use.

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However, there were very few menopausal women in the study with cardiac issues and stroke and experts have not changed their advice on hormone therapy to relieve hot flashes and other signs of menopause.

Researchers found that hormones used earlier in menopause resulted in lower cardiac artery plaque in women who had natural menopause. In women with surgical menopause (removal of ovaries), the same benefit was not seen.

A specific benefit in younger women who take hormones with natural menopause can be due to overall better health. However, a lower incidence of heart disease was evident even after other health factors were controlled.

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Hormone Therapy and the Heart

Combined hormone therapy is now known to result in increased risk of heart attacks and strokes in older women who have undergone menopause for many years.

However, it was not clear whether this risk extends to women who take hormones for the time of menopause for only a few years.

Some studies even show that short-term hormone therapy can protect younger women from heart disease.

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However, there was continued discussion about whether hormone therapy could prevent or slow the development of cardiac diseases for younger women.

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