Follow Your Passion but Not Pain

Who does not like a sporty person? It is noticed that sporty people are generally active and fit. The intense workout included in sports keeps them fit and healthy. But, what about injuries during sport? You cannot avoid them. There is no sportsman alive who has not faced some sort of injury while participating in sports. While some injuries are trivial, some are quite severe. You cannot stop following your passion just to avoid injuries, right? Instead, you can research the need to knows in the event of an injury.

There are three main sections of injury management. If you live in OKC, you can ask your primary care physician about it. Here, you will get a brief idea on the subject.

The first is injury prevention. Your sports trainer or coach will make you aware of the ways you can be injured and the safety measures to avoid any mishaps. The second is identification and treatment post-injury. Once you are already injured, it is silly to then discuss preventive measures at that time. Instead, it needs to be identified the exact muscle, bone, nerve or tissue to proceed with treatment. The third thing to do is injury rehabilitation and this has to be done under professionals in order to get you back in the sports arena again.

Here are the two most common types of sports injury and the initial steps the primary care physician in OKC recommends you take.

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Sprained Ankles

This is the most common injury that can happen at any point of time, it is when the ankle muscles and ligaments twist and turn into an excessive range of movement. In order to get relief from the pain of a ankle sprain, the RICER protocol can be useful. This includes rest, ice, compression, elevation and referral. You will need to rest after an injury, apply ice or a cold pack on it, wrap it with sports adhesive bandage or strapping tape, elevate the injured ankle and rest on a soft place, seek the help of the primary care physician in OKC for a checkup.

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Tennis or Golf Elbow

This takes place in the elbow joint as a result of overextension or overuse of the joint. You need to rest and place the elbow in a comfortable position. A hot and cold pack should be used regularly. Reduce the pain with a sports wrap but the wrapping technique needs to be perfect. Ask the primary care physician in OKC for assistance.

In order to stay away from injuries beforehand, you can follow these preventive steps:

  • Warm up before and after.

  • Keep yourself hydrated.

  • Wrap the vulnerable parts of your body.

  • Only wear sports footwear.

  • Maintain good overall fitness.

  • Don’t go beyond your level of fitness in one day.

  • Get trained in the correct technique.

  • Allow breaks between seasons.

Come to us, Sante Clinic and Medi Spa and let the primary care physician in OKC diagnose your problems and create an appropriate treatment plan for you.

** Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.