Hormone Replacement Therapy and Its Incredible Benefits

Anti-aging treatment is meant to help you stop aging on the outside and make you feel younger on the inside. Our endocrine system produces different hormones, almost 50 types. These hormones balance the chemical composition of our body and regulate almost every biological process. When you grow older, hormones disruption starts and you can get replacements under expert supervision to get it under control. Not only in Edmond, OK but everywhere else in the U.S, hormone replacement therapy is very popular, when it comes to treating age-related effects. Besides visibly reducing age-related signs, it also reduces stress and anxiety.


Benefits of HRT

HRT helps hormone restoration to the normal level, thus it helps in improving your appearance. The known benefits are:

  • Fewer wrinkles

  • Better skin tone

  • Less fatigue and stress

  • Improved memory and concentration power

  • Improved control over mood swings, bad temper, anger and depression

Additions for Women

  • Fewer menopausal symptoms

  • Better sleep

  • Improved immune system

  • Fewer chances of osteoporosis and heart disease

Addition for Men

  • Better muscle and tissue development

  • Better bone density

  • Good libido

  • Higher energy


Different HRT Options

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy: This hormone is sourced from vegetables like soybeans and yams. Surprisingly, this is identical to the hormones that our body produces, and also acts and responds the same way. It helps with menopausal symptoms and protects the body from stroke, osteoporosis, and breast and colon cancer.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Replacement Therapy: This hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. This HGH hormone has a key role in tissue and organ development and maintenance. You can opt for this hormone replacement therapy in Edmond, OK, as well. It increases bone and muscle mass and reduces fat.

Testosterone Hormone Replacement Therapy: This is often mentioned as a male sex hormone but it is found in lower quantities in women. Testosterone based therapy helps to build up muscle and lean tissue. Men, who have undergone this treatment, have reported better energy, libido, bone density etc.

You can opt for all of these hormone replacement therapies in Edmond, OK. But come to the right place. Visiting any random place can jeopardize your health. Therefore, visit Sante Clinic and Med Spa for professional treatment.

** Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.