Hormone Replacement Therapy and Menopause

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Menopause and its symptoms can truly disorder your life, with discomfort and even embarrassment, which will bring you out of balance. The hot flashes in the meantime put an end to spontaneous romance - just a way that the symptoms of menopause take over and women start looking for Hormone replacement in Edmond, OK.

By definition, menopause occurs when a woman stops having 12 consecutive months of her monthly menstrual period. Menopause averages at 51, but symptoms of menopause can begin to rise as early as 10 years before.

The side effects of menopause increase when periods are ceased. Your body produces the estrogen regularly since puberty which now decreases, leading to imbalance and forcing you to withstand these indicative menopause signs. The severity and timing of your symptoms may vary, and your symptoms may continue long after menopause.

Basic Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Types

ET means treatment with estrogen only. The hormone Estrogen relieves the most menopausal symptom. ET is prescribed for women who have their uterus removed due to hysterectomy.

EPT means combined estrogen and progestogen treatment. The progestogen is added to ET to protect women from estrogen-related uterine (endometrial) cancer.

Hormone replacement Edmond ok

Ways to Take HRT

Systemic products circulate in all parts of the bloodstream and the body. They are offered as an oral tablet, patch, gel, implant or injection and can be used for hot flashes and sweating at night, osteoporosis and vaginal symptoms.

Only a particular or localized body area is affected by local (non-systemic) products. It can be used as a cream, ring or tablet for vaginal symptoms.

Hormones Work Together

It appears that your hormones have been on the driving seat for most of your life, so you are correct— not just estrogen and progesterone but all the other chemicals run across your body to regulate many of the functions of your body. This is why your symptoms are so varied when your estrogen decreases.

Among the many uncomfortable side effects of menopausal disequilibrium resulting from reduced production of estrogens are vaginal dryness and hot flashes, lower libido, depression, night sweats, anxiety, irritation, mood swings, and memory lapse. This can be enough potent reason that you need hormone replacement in Edmond, OK.  

Hormone replacement Edmond ok


There is no reason to experience these painful and embarrassing side effects of menopause. Hormone replacement therapy is a safe and effective way for your hormones and life to restore balance.

Balance Restoration

Replicating and replacing your estrogen and possibly progestin (synthetic progesterone) can reduce severity of the side effects of menopause and make it completely unnoticed in some cases, creating harmony and balance in your body. The absence of these unpleasant menopause side effects will re-establish your quality of life.

It not only helps eliminate the worst symptoms of your body's menopause; it also helps your body to process calcium to prevent osteoporosis or another bone disease. Hormone replacement therapy helps to improve heart health and promotes vaginal tissue health. There are numerous reasons for finding out whether you are a hormone replacement therapy candidate.

Individual Approach

There are many benefits of HRT, but your doctor needs a health assessment and a therapy plan that is right for you. The most efficient way to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of your menopause is hormone replacement therapy, but not for every woman. As your experience of menopause is unique, your hormone therapy is unique.

Hormone replacement Edmond ok

No Suffering

If you can find relief with HRT, do not suffer the side effects of menopause. The doctors at the Sante Clinic and Med Spa can help. Your doctor will examine your symptoms, evaluate your overall health and determine which levels of hormones you need.

Our range of methods for the delivery of your HRT ranges from pills to sub-dermally inserted pellets. We offer bioidentical hormones which are structurally identical to your body's natural hormones. Together with your doctor, you decide the best course of hormone replacement therapy in Edmond, OK.