How Primary Care Evolved in the Recent Past

A few weeks ago, a noteworthy news headline said millennials are less interested in having a primary care physician. If this is true, it means young people are less interested in seeing a doctor if it requires commitment to a patient and provider relationship.

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Value of Primary Care

Primary care is the first contact a patient usually has for any kind of medical care. The important key elements of this practice are continuity of care, comprehensiveness and coordination to better care if required. It has been seen that those who have given better attention to primary care have better health.

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Reshaping Primary Care

There is a trend where primary care physicians are turning away from practicing solo and want to join larger organizations. In the areas where very few insurers are available and the health care service is already provided under a few big names, this consolidation is most common. There are more than 2000 instant clinics in the U.S. and some of those extend their working hours, even in weekends that is beyond the typical practice of a practitioner.

Many health insurers are now covering clinics, especially, those which merge with retail clinics and pharmacies.


This rapid change in primary care may speak for the needs of millennials. The primary care physicians in OKC and clinics are not exceptions. However, this change might not replace the entire primary care system. The retail clinics might absorb some primary care physicians, still, there is a huge space between specialty care and these short-term practitioners.

For people who are suffering from issues like urinary tract infections, respiratory infections, or similar, they might get away without a primary care provider. However, for chronic issues, like asthma, high blood pressure or diabetes your primary care physician in OKC is your long-term healthcare coach.

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** Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.