How to Create Healthy Food Habits in the Workplace

Our environment has immense influence in our life. No one is born wrong. Our circumstances, environment and situations make us adopt bad habits, reckless lifestyles and at the end of the day harm ourselves with all of these. Though our associations may change with educational endeavours and professional organizations, which all have an impact on our lives, some habits still remain unchanged.

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For the betterment of the lifestyle and healthy living of their employees, many professional organizations take some necessary steps. You may notice many wellness programs including a spa at the companies of Edmond, OK. You could also provide these provisions for your employees. After all, it is your company and your employees are your responsibility.

Here are some tips or wellness ideas for your company and employees, to give them a better and healthy life which will help productivity.

  1. You can prepare a list of healthy dining places near your office so that your employees can get to know about them and favor those places. As everyone is aware of the benefits healthy foods have, employees will surely appreciate having a list of healthy food serving restaurants near their workplace.

  2. Your company must have a cafeteria in the office building and you can use it to help your employees eat healthily. It would be a great idea if you can arrange for coupons for the healthy food or subsidize the food to make it a cheaper option. Generally, people who are lured by taste, generally avoid healthy food. But if discount coupons are available to help them save some bucks, they will definitely seize the opportunity.

  3. The caterers you have hired for food arrangements for your employees should pay attention to the food menu. You can monitor it on your own also. You can’t ask them to keep hamburger, French fries, pizzas and other junk food aside, instead, you should ask them to increase the options for healthier food and include wheat toast, grilled chicken, salads, egg whites etc. in the menu. At office parties as well, you can have more options for healthier food. 

  4. When the festive season is near, food vendors arrange giveaways for customers. The gifts are not very healthy as they include chocolates, cakes, sugary food, fried items etc. You can encourage your employees’ healthy eating by asking the vendors for healthy giveaways. It may include tropical fruit bars, fruit baskets etc. and dark chocolate as a sweet-savory option.

  5. For fresh products and produce, you can contact the local farmers’ market. You can get fresh fruits and vegetables from them. You can bring more agricultural goods to the community by putting advertisements for healthy food. You could also give a discount to your employees as you are buying in bulk.

  6. In the break rooms, you can make arrangements to have fruits and vegetables delivered. This will stop employees from satisfying their hunger with french fries and candy bars.

  7. At special events arranged by your company, organise to have healthy vegetables and fruits available. Arranging a healthy cooking competition can also be quite encouraging for the employees.

  8. You should consult your caterers to bring a variety of healthy food. Due to boredom and lack of variation people switch to snacks and junk food. If healthy food is made in an interesting way, people will seize the opportunity.

  9. Encourage your employees to join physical activity classes. A multi-sport court is a nice addition for employees to involve in physical activities. Also, arrange a ‘take the stair’ challenge for them where they can see possible results.

  10. Arrange pre-work stretch breaks and mandate certain breaks, so that no one has to sit at their desks for long stretches of time.

Our Wellness Spa in Edmond, OK, can help you with more ideas for healthy living at an office. You can encourage your employees to visit the spa sometimes to get full refreshment which also encourages productivity. Call Sante Clinic and Med Spa for more information.

** Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.