How To Cut Down Diabetes Treatment Costs

The cost of living is high. Medical costs alone including devices and supplies, medicines, doctor’s fee, and health insurance all an extra burden that you cannot skip. While managing all of these together, often, one of the most dangerous and chronic disease, diabetes, remains ignored because of its high cost to treat drains savings accounts.  The Health Care Cost published a report in 2015 that mentions health-care spending for diabetics (under the age 65) is around $14,999 where it is only $4,305 for the non-diabetics. A survey of 7,240 patients by a diabetes supply company found that 45% diabetics skip their treatments due to their high cost.

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The medical costs of visiting a primary care physician in OKC is less and people often go for this option. But with this, you have to bear in mind that a primary care physician can only diagnose the problem and handle the situation initially. If you have severe problems and you need special treatment for it, the physician will recommend you see a specialist.

You can go through affordable diabetes care to keep yourself healthy.

  1. It was surveyed that 50% of prescribed diabetes drugs can come as generic drugs. The expensive ones are third and fourth lined drugs. The treatment can be done with generic drugs which are affordable. When you are visiting a primary care physician in OKC, you have to ask him or her to prescribe something affordable. It is possible for the physician to check which drugs are under your insurance coverage and which are not. Shake off your hesitation, ask for your physicians help with this.

  2. It is a great way to get treatment if you visit a primary care physician in OKC as they are knowledgeable about diabetes. They will only send you to a specialist if your condition is severe. If you require it, the physician can complete a recommendation for you.

  3. The cost of insulin can also be decreased. Using the vials, you can reduce the cost. The better way to not need this at all is to have a low-carb diet rather than taking insulin to control the glucose levels in the blood.

  4. If you reuse the lancets, you will be able to cut down the cost of supplies.

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The cost cannot be removed totally as diabetes is a chronic disease. You can however put a leash on it by taking a proper meal, exercise and regular checkups by a primary care physician in OKC. For an experienced physician in your area, come to Sante Clinic and Med Spa for a diagnosis and treatment done at an affordable price.

** Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.