How to Deal with Mental Stress?

We often talk about how much stressful a day was, how stressed we are after working a long day, how much stress we are under with a complicated relationship or financial hardship etc. But, there are very few who can actually define stress in the right way.

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According to psychology, the non-specific response of the body to any certain demand for a change is described as stress. This definition was developed in 1936, but to make it more appropriate, the research developed and got another definition stating stress is a mental, emotional strain or tension. It is born out of the feeling of lack of control. Whenever a situation appears uncontrollable to us, we find it stressful. In the United States, 62 percent of people suffer from financial stress, 58 percent for health problems and 57 percent for family or personal problems.

It has been medically proven that stress causes several ill effects to the overall health of a person. When you don’t have a healthy mind, you cannot be creative, and this has an impact on your professional and personal life. Moreover, excessive stress creates mental pressure which can be responsible for affecting your health badly. Therefore, it is imperative you follow a proper routine and attend the wellness spa at Edmond, OK to relieve stress and live a healthy life.

Here are some tips for a routine that you can follow on a regular basis or when required:

  1. A breathing in and out exercise is good for health. And when any critical situation arises and makes you anxious, breathing in and out very slowly but deeply can help. Deep breathing stops our initial reactions and creates room for us to generate thoughts that control our reaction. Breathing controls our physiological reactions that become over-excited during a crisis period.

  2. Stay away from social media; a study has proven that social media contributes to a rise in our stress levels. Moreover, social-media addicts may fail to cope with stressful situations and giving up the habit may help. 

  3. The environment always has a powerful impact on our mind. Take some time to get away from a bad environment and get some fresh air. If you exercise regularly in a healthy environment, you are more likely to be capable of dealing with your stress in a healthy way compared to others. The endorphins and neurotransmitters associated with ‘good’ feelings are released by exercise.

  4. A healthy diet nourishes the body and mind. The right balance of nutrients controls the balance of hormones, therefore, the healthier diet you will follow, the more capable you will be to have a leash on your stress levels.

  5. Vacation is required. It is not mandatory that you have to go somewhere, however, It is unbeneficial to take time off and have to answer several calls from the workplace, reminders of EMIs or going through the awful news from media. Just lie down on your sofa and think about the last time you had a happy vacation. The thought will energize you from within.

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Apart from trying these methods, you should attend a wellness spa in Edmond, OK. Sante Clinic & Med Spa will help you to refresh your mind while under the surveillance of medical professionals.