Let’s Not Allow a Cold-Flu to Affect You More

During the change of season, we all have days with a running nose and eyes, headache, sore muscles and a tired body. It is quite annoying and nagging. Whether it is winter or another season we can face similar symptoms. This is often a viral infection or allergies. Primarily the flu affects the throat, nose, sinuses and often the larynx. Blocked or running nose, sneezing, cough and phlegm are common symptoms. In OKC during a season change, if you have these symptoms frequently or your body cannot heal naturally, you have to consult with a primary care physician. When you have green mucus this is not a bacterial infection, it means an irritated and inflamed nose that is trying to fight a virus. But you should stop yourself from taking unnecessary drugs, as they can have a negative effect on the body.

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Influenza or the flu is another type of contagious infection that affects the respiratory tract, though the symptoms can be similar. The person suffering would have a pounding headache and muscle ache. To some people, it may turn nasty and can raise the body temperature.

Have some tips handy before you are attacked by a virus again. These tips are to help you before you call a primary care physician in OKC.

  • Avoid people the initial two to three days, sometimes extended up to five days, when you are contagious. It can spread the virus. Always use a tissue while coughing and sneezing. Rinse your hands with good sanitizer after sneezing; otherwise, it could spread germs. Do not leave the tissue on the reading table or bed. Dispose of it properly.

  • You may need to skip school or work. It is better to stay at home rather than sneezing constantly on the office floor and spreading germs. Have a good sleep, sip hot coffee and wear thick socks.

  • Get over your addiction to gadgets including smartphones. A smartphone screen is a well-known place for germs. Touching it can make your condition worse. Constantly looking at the LED screen can make nausea worse as well.

  • Drinking warm water or fluids, like soup or broth, can make you more comfortable. You can also have honey in the morning mixed with hot water. Herbal tea helps to soothe a throat sore and painful coughs. Ask a primary care physician in OKC to release tension and pain from muscles. Have chocolate, as it helps to uplift mood.

If it makes you feel unwell for a longer time than expected, you can come to Sante Clinic & Medi Spa for excellent treatment.

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** Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.