Make Your Life Better with Massage

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We have discussed the advantages for some massage treatments in some of our previous articles, today we would like to share the magical impacts of various massage methods and the way of finding the most suitable one for you.

For many years, massages have been practiced for several ailments. Today, it can be very perplexing to choose among dozens of types available at wellness spas in Edmond, OK What is the way to know the best massage for you? In the following article, we will try to guide you through the important types to get the most benefits out of it.

Generally, a massage includes the pressing and rubbing of soft tissue, including, but not limited to, stroke, knead and soft punch techniques. Therapists use their fingers, hands, elbows, feet, or forearms.

When you are all set to get a massage in a wellness spa in Edmond, OK, you should determine:

  1. Whether you want a relaxing massage or healing of a specific body part.

  2. If you prefer alternative or more conventional massages.

  3. If the massage will be carried out when you are naked or not.

  4. Whether you prefer the oil, lotion, powder treatment or none of these.

See the guidelines which are required for a massage:

If you want to experience a refreshing, stress-free massage, you should opt for any of the below-mentioned options from our wellness spa in Edmond, OK.

Aroma massage: This is a relaxing and refreshing massage that combines the advantages of aromatherapy with a touch of aroma oil to treat and vitalize the stressed body.

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Swedish Massage: This is the massage that most people understand by the word 'massage.' It is the best known and most accomplished. It aims to energize the body by stimulating circulation in the upper layers of the muscles. It follows five main methods such as Petrissage, Vibration, Tapotement, Effleurage, and Friction.

Relaxation massage: It relaxes the body and relieves stress and tension. It does not treat chronic muscle pains. It is similar to the Swedish massage and focuses on soothing general discomfort by stimulating circulation.

If you need to be elevated and strengthened, consider a hot stone massage. Warm basalt stones are placed on certain parts of the body and massaged gently. As the hot stones walk across your back, every nerve is so alert you won’t be tempted to fall asleep. This treatment helps you concentrate on your body and release stress.

For the overall well being and physical rejuvenation, here are some options for you:

Chinese Massage: It controls blood and chi circulation. Uses mainly the movements of rubbing, pressing, waving and percussion.

Thai Massage: The system of the 72,000 energy lines are used for this treatment. The experts perform it with oil and specific clothes in a traditional style. It includes the use of elements of acupressure and reflexology.

Foot Massage: Based on the knowledge of the ancient Chinese this massage is performed. It can be used as a curative and preventive treatment. It serves as a kind of map, as the soul reflects our body's health. Other body parts and organs are connected to these specific areas of our feet.

Shiatsu: The body sees the meridians as a link. Imbalances occur when there is a blockage in these energy pathways. The technique applies adequate pressure and strain and maintains vital points on the body to alleviate blockages and pain. It is conducted over clothes.

If you often suffer from pain in specific areas and sports injuries, you should try sports massage and deep tissue massage from an authentic wellness spa in Edmond, OK.

Sports Massage: It is commonly used to prevent sports injuries and to treat them. Before the sport, muscle flexibility is maintained, and rigidity is reduced. It is designed to improve performance. The massage releases tension and purifies lactic acids in the body when performed after sport, which in most cases is responsible for the immobility and sore muscles.

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Deep Tissue Massage: It targets deeper layers in contrast to Swedish. To press the tissue and to reach the depths the therapist uses his or her fists and elbows. It can be painful and not relaxing sometimes. However, it has miraculous effects for chronic muscle problems and inflammation.

There are more like Balinese massage, medical massage, lomilomi massage and Ayurvedic massage which concentrate on separate areas of your body and mind, but at the end, all these work for giving you relief from stress and pain.

Therefore, for living a better life, come to Sante Clinic for our wellness spa in Edmond, OK. Our experts will give you the best recommendation for your requirement.

** Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.