Massage Therapy – A Natural Way to Combat Many Physical Ailments

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Your body is pretty good to let you know that it requires a massage but it cannot say what kind of massage will benefit it the most. It may be confusing to surf throughout all different types of massages if you have never had a massage or never wandered beyond the usual Swedish type. Fortunately, we can help you learn about different massage styles and their benefits to help you choose the best one for yourself.

Wellness spa Edmond ok

Swedish Massages

Most people understand Swedish massage as the term ‘massage’. Swedish massage to most, is synonymous with the therapy in most med spas, clinics, and fitness centers. This is focused on relaxation that also helps is boosting blood circulation. In comparison with the most common energic style used by eastern types of massage, Swedish massage involves western concepts of physiology and anatomy. Therapists use lotions or oil and then start with gliding and long overall strokes and circular movements to relieve low muscle tension and then selective strokes to tackle specific problems. To improve relaxation, it may include aromatherapy.

Whether you're unfamiliar with massage or want to alleviate light or moderate back or shoulder pain, you can opt for a Swedish massage from a wellness spa in Edmond, OK.

In the category of Swedish massage, aromatherapy and hot stone massage are two essential pillars which accentuate the benefits of the whole.

1. Aromatherapy: A massage with fragrant essential oils is an aromatherapy massage. The soothing aroma of the essential oil is considered to heal many physical ailments. Sante Clinic and Med Spa have eight essential oils to choose from. A variety of illnesses can improve from the relaxation of aromatherapy, such as headaches, sleeplessness, some digestive disturbances, spinal pain, and PMS symptoms.

2. Hot Stone Therapy: The therapist sets the basalt stones, heated and smooth, on particular points, rather than merely relying on his hands to get hard nodes. The stone warmth can also bring on relaxation, and tight muscles can be loosened allowing the therapist to quickly reach tension areas. Ask your physician if you plan on receiving a massage with heated stones from our wellness spa in Edmond, OK for helping with certain health issues, likelowering blood pressure, cardiac health, managing diabetes, or more.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage or pregnancy massage, addresses the needs of a pregnant woman to relieve pregnancy pains and to help relax. Since some pregnant women have low back pain or swollen ankles, as the due date approaches especially, this massage provides relief and it is safe and drug-free.

Massage therapists at our wellness spa in Edmond, OK have training and prenatal massage certification to know how the expectant mother’s body can stand and support fora massage. Accordingly, they use alternative techniques or avoid sensitive areas. The client is either on her side, or a reclining massage table with a hole cut into it allowing her to be face down.

Wellness spa Edmond ok

Deep Tissue

A deep tissue therapeutic massage aims at muscle nodes and problems in deeper muscular and conjunctive tissue layers. The therapist deals with chronic painful muscles, repeated strain, injuries, postural problems with deliberate, slower strokes or friction through the grain of the muscles. It uses, therefore, more intensive methods of kneading than the Swedish style.

This is especially useful for those suffering from chronic pain as well as persistent injuries that limit mobility. It is useful in treating recurrent stress injuries like carpal tunnel and can help reduce osteoarthritis symptoms.

Wellness spa Edmond ok


Reflexology is a particular foot massage that involves finger pressure with kneading techniques to promote rest and healing. The reflexology targets certain points on hands or feet are known to correlate their energy with other body systems. The reflexologist balances the nervous system to stimulate endorphins, for a natural happy feeling that reduces stress, by applying pressure to reflex points.

Be sure to see what kind of massage our wellness spa in Edmond, OK can provide when you are looking for massage therapy. Match the advantages from the massage session you hope to get. Be sure that your massage is relaxing and useful. For any allergies, ask about the scents or plant oils we use.

Come to us at Sante Clinic and Med Spa to get rid of stress, pain, and discomfort and experience the most relaxing massage therapy.

** Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.