Menopausal Symptoms and Details of Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, is a government-approved treatment for menopausal symptoms. The problems generally occur due to a lower estrogen level. The common age range when women experience menopause is 48 to 51. Some women experience premature menopause at the age of 40. The most common menopausal symptoms are hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sleeping disorders and mood swings.

Before we start discussing hormone replacement therapy, you should know the different stages of menopause and basic types of HRT.

The Stages of Menopause

  • Perimenopause is the time between the start of the symptoms and one year after the final menstrual cycle.
  • Confirmation of menopause occurs after one year of the final menstrual cycle.
    • Post-menopause encompasses all years after menopause.

The Basic Types of HRT

Hormone replacement in Edmond, OK, includes two basic types:

ET: This is the regular estrogen therapy. This hormone helps give relief from most of the menopausal symptoms. This therapy comes in several forms, including gel and a patch:

  • Estrogen Pill: This is the most common treatment form. The pills are available into two types: conjugated estrogen and estrogens-bazedoxifene. For the dosage, you should consult a doctor. Generally, the pills should be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Estrogen patch: This patch is supposed to be worn on the skin of the abdomen. Depending on the dosage, the patch should be changed every few days or weeks. Apart from treating menopausal symptoms, the patch can also help with osteoporosis.
  • Topical Estrogen: The skin can absorb estrogen in cream, gel or spray form. From there, the medicine directly goes into the bloodstream. Usually, the medicine should be used once a day and can be applied to the arms or legs.
  • Vaginal Estrogen: Hormone replacement in Edmond, OK, sometimes involves vaginal estrogen in forms like a vaginal ring or tablets. This replacement therapy helps soothe vaginal itching, dryness or burning sensations.

EPT: This is a combined therapy. EPT stands for estrogen plus progestogen therapy. The progesterone is added to the estrogen to protect the uterus from uterine cancer. Though this is generally used as birth control, it has other beneficial effects.

  • Oral Progestins: Professionals offering hormone replacement in Edmond, OK, suggest using this for treating menopausal patients, as it has natural progesterone rather than the synthetic version. The natural progesterone has no side effects and is completely safe. This is a good choice for women with higher cholesterol levels.
  • Intrauterine progestin: This is not approved in the U.S. and is not recommended by any of the experts due to its side effects.
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Who Should Not Undergo This Therapy?

Under a few conditions, a patient is recommended not to undergo this treatment. Those include blood clots, cancer, heart or liver issues, pregnancy, and stroke. If you are going through any of these physical conditions, you should consult an authentic hormone replacement center to discuss it.

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