The Major Reasons Diabetic Patients Suffer the Most

Diabetes is such a common disease that is unnecessary to define it. When the glucose level of the blood increases massively and regularly, the individual suffers from diabetes. This is identified as one of the most dangerous diseases that can affect other parts of a body badly. It is possible for a diabetic patient to get affected with diseases of kidney, eye, heart and many others due to its side effects.

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There are diets, exercise and medications to control diabetes, however as it is a chronic disease, it cannot be uprooted completely. The people in OKC go to a primary care physician to treat diabetes and the doctors stress following the prescription, and the timing of medicine consumption.

Many people become confused about the medications for diabetes and here they make mistakes. As per a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 50% of patients take the wrong medicines and don’t follow the prescription. Here are some possible reasons for it:

  • Unless you go to a primary care physician in OKC or wherever you live, you cannot get the right instructions for consuming the medicines.

  • There is a lack of knowledge about the consumption of the medicine.

  • Forgetfulness.

  • Taking other medicines on the same schedule.

  • Perception that the medicine is not useful.

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There are necessary instructions for the medicines. If you do not follow the instructions, you may not get the desired result; instead there could be several side-effects. This is applicable to every medicine and diabetic medicines are no exception. If it asks to take on an empty stomach, it should be taken two hours before or after a meal. In the situation where the instructions say ‘before meal’ consumption, you should take it one hour before a meal. Taking it with food means taking right before a meal or in the middle of having a meal.

Here is a list of diabetes medicines and the general instructions for consumption. You can ask your primary care physician in OKC for details:

  • Empagliflozin and dapagliflozin: Take with or without food

  • DPP-4 inhibitors: Can be taken with or without a meal.

  • Glipizide: Take 30 minutes before a meal.

  • Lixisenatide (Adlyxin): Take within 60 minutes before the first meal of the day.

  • Dulaglutide, liraglutide, and semaglutide: Take at any time of the day, with or without food.

  • Canagliflozin: Take before the first meal of the day.

  • Exenatide (Byetta): Take within 60 minutes before meals.

  • Metformin: Take right when you start eating a meal to lessen the chance of stomach upset.

  • Glyburide and glimepiride: Take with a meal.

Insulin is the ultimate medicine for diabetes. There is rapid-acting insulin, which generally is instructed to be taken 10 – 15 minutes before a meal. It includes glulisine, lispro, aspart etc. There are other variants of insulin for example insulin, NPH or intermediate-acting insulin and long-lasting insulin and those should be taken 15-30 minutes before a meal, 30- 60 minutes before a meal and at bedtime respectively.

Here are some abbreviations you may notice on your prescription and fail to understand the meaning of. Ask your primary care physician in OKC for anything beyond this list.

  • qd: every day

  • bid: twice a day

  • tid: three times a day

  • qid: four times a day

  • qhs: each night

  • pc: after meals

  • SQ: subcutaneously (by a needle)

  • sl: sublingually

  • IM: intramuscularly (by a needle)

  • IV: intravenously (by a needle)

  • ac: before meals

  • po: by mouth

  • pr: rectally

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** Disclaimer: The article above implies no medical advice; it constitutes no terms between patient and doctor.