Types of Primary Care Physicians in OKC: Which One to Go For

It is suggested to undergo a regular checkup by a primary care physician to stay free of the diseases which are most common these days. This routine check-up may save you from a more complicated disease that can grow from neglect. While going to a primary care physician in OKC, people often get confused. They don’t understand which one will be the best choice for them.

This is quite natural as there are more than 100 different specialty doctors that can make people perplexed. Here are some key points to help you decide who the best one is for your checkup. To lessen the confusion, doctors are categorized into five sections. Take a look at them for a clear idea.

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Family Medicine Doctors

Your family doctor is someone who can take care of your entire family. Whenever anyone falls sick in your family you can trust a family doctor for a good initial treatment. With him you can comfortably share the problems you are facing. Also as they are a doctor that follows your family through all stages of life, the doctor gets to know a comprehensive family history. You can rely on him or her for a diagnosis and cure.


Pediatricians take care of children’s health until the age of 18. Although you can still visit the doctor till early 20s if you so choose. Children go to them as they understand children's health better than other specialists available.

Internal Medicine Doctor

These doctors treat adults only. You can see them for a regular check-up to diagnose, prevent and cure a disease. An internal medicine specialist can be considered a primary care physician in OKC for adults.

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Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Doctors

Having this certificate a doctor becomes eligible to treat both children and adults. They are certified for internal medicine and treating children as well. A perfect primary care physician in OKC where you can go with your whole family including your children. They are also called med-peds doctors.


These doctors are pretty different from the above mentioned four types. Whereas the other doctors concentrate on the whole body and you can see them for any problem you have, OB-GYNs only deal with women’s reproductive health. These doctors specialize in obstetrics and gynecology.
The reproductive health of a women including pregnancy, infertility, birth control, menopause and all other associated problems are treated by these doctors.

If you don’t have any such problem in your health and you just want to keep it simple by visiting a doctor and having a routine checkup, it is better to go to a primary care physician in OKC. You can contact Sante Clinic & Med Spa for any doctor regarding your healthy living.