Why a Primary Care Physician Is Essential

Primary care physician OKC

An estimated 209,000 U.S. doctors are in primary care and care. However, considering the size of the US population at 325 million, only 25% of approximately 18,000 US medical graduates go in to practicing primary care each year.

Two different concepts are defined in the terms 'primary care' and ‘primary healthcare.' The first primary care, refers to family medicine services that are typical of physicians and are personally focused. By contrast, primary health care is a broader concept which seeks to describe individual care, as well as public health activities. Moreover, primary medical care may include general societal policies such as universal access to health services, emphasis on equity in health care, and cooperation in the medical sector and beyond.

The reasons for you to find a primary care physician in OKC are plenty. Some of those stated here below.

To Have Your Back

In the short term, the continuity of care and treatment increase dramatically. A doctor's best diagnostic test is the time test. Your primary care practitioner gains valuable information from monitoring a problem over time.

A provider who knows the history of your health, habits and personality will be able to identify signals that indicate potential health changes more easily over the longer term. For instance, your symptoms may not be taken as seriously if you complain about fatigue for a physician who does not know you–but your primary care physician will be able to find you are not your regular self.

Primary care physician OKC


If you need to see a specialist in OKC, you can be referred by a competent primary care physician to someone they are aware of and have a partnership with. You can collaborate with your primary care provider to determine which suggestions you should first make if you are concerned about receiving different suggestions from different specialists. Your primary care doctor works with their references and monitors your treatment with them.

To Save Time

Establishing a relationship with a consistent provider may help you get better care more quickly if you get sick – be it an annoying sinus infection or something more serious. It is much easier for us to help you get along when you have established care and established this relationship.

To Prevent Future Ailments

Your primary care physician can inform about your health, prevent chronic diseases and keep you coming in for regular physicals instead of coming in when you are sick. A primary care physician in OKC provides a lot of information every year, tailored to each patient's unique needs and purposes. The topics may include education on high blood pressure, loss of weight, prevention of STD's, monitoring consumption of alcohol and tobacco, or stress and anxiety.

Primary care physician OKC

Tips to Find the Right Doctor

For finding primary care physicians in OKC, here are some tips for you to get the right one to help in you in health and sickness.

●        Take references from your friends and acquaintances.

●        Be sure of the physician’s availability whenever you require.

●        Check the affiliation of the hospital or institute for the person.

●        Set up an appointment and discuss.

At Sante Clinic Med Spa, we have experienced primary care physicians in OKC. Come to us and get the best fit for you.