Why Is a Primary Care Physician Needed after an ER Visit?

Primary care physician OKC

Primary care physicians following a patients' emergency room visit (ER) can be crucial for reducing the number of ER visits and hospitalizations they receive. The patient and hospital is ideally linked, allowing the primary care physician in OKC to initiate a follow-up and maybe even for avoiding the requirement of the first ER visit of the patient. However, although it was necessary to see the patient in the ER, follow-up with a primary care practitioner may be a key element in the patient's long-term goals.

The insurance may not cover it, or a relationship with a primary care practitioner may not be established in patients who need an ER visit. A survey found that a quick-evaluation to primary care protocol is likely saves costs over time, which means a safe and successful ER discharge is also an effective way to engage patients in primary care.

Research has shown that regular primary care is associated with several health benefits including increased prevention and better control of chronic diseases. When the patient is followed up by a primary care practitioner immediately after an ER visit, the provider can also engage the patient in primary long-term care. Establishing a medical home for chronic or difficult conditions is essential.

A study has shown that a quick ER follow-up program, which also provides an effective mechanism for engaging patients in primary care physician in OKC can be a safer and reliable ER discharge option. The potential for such primary care is that overall healthcare costs will be contained as well as patient care and health outcomes improved.

There is increasing evidence that if your family doctor or specialist is aware of a person with a chronic illness within a 30 days’ limit of receiving ER care, there is a significant reduction of death risk or hospitalization. These patients can often be released safely after an emergency room evaluation, but quick follow-up is always recommended, as they often require additional tests and continuous chronic disease management, so even good ER care is not enough.

The patients observed by their doctors after an emergency room visit are more likely than those with missing care to take the needed medications and to undergo diagnostic testing, suggesting that those patients have high-risk factors which can be enhanced by quick follow-up.

Primary care physician OKC

Primary care physicians in OKC recognize this problem and attempt to improve communication to discharge the patient, to take the time needed to ensure that the patient or the family understand what they are told. However, planning for ER discharge remains at best spotty.

The best way for emergency physicians to pass more time with discharge patients is to make sure they know that aftercare will be seen as essential as care in the ER.

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