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SkinMedica® professional skin care products have been refined over the years to satisfy patient demands for elegant, effective and easy to use formulations. Based on the excellent results I have achieved with SkinMedica® products in my clinical practice and the numerous requests from other physicians for research-based, clinically proven products, Dr. Fitzpatrick decided to make the SkinMedica®skin care products available through medical professionals.

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KYBELLA® improves your profile by diminishing the appearance of fat below the chin, commonly known as “double chin”. Whether the excess fullness under your chin is caused by weight gain, genetics, or aging, KYBELLA® Is can help to eliminate it by permanently destroying the fat cells. KYBELLA® is administered in a series of injections that destroy fat cells. The number of injections will be determined on an induvial basis based on the patient’s desired appearance.



Want to enhance fullness or eliminate sagging in your breast? Natrelle® breast implants can do that and so much more.


Changes in breast size and shape can be caused by weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, time, or other factors. For some, it could simply be their natural breast were never as full as they desired. No matter your reason, it is all about being comfortable in your own body.

Natrelle® implants are available in gummy silicone gel which creates a soft, squishy consistency that is designed to hold its shape. Implants come in a range of different shapes and sizes which can be selected based on your unique wants and body shape. Breast augmentation can be lifechanging and we are here to guide you through the process. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss what option is best for your body.



Tired of wearing false lashes? LATISSE® can grow your lashes longer, thicker, and darker. LATISSE® is an eye solution that is administered directly to the upper eyelid. You can throw away the mascara and bat your eyes confidently with LATISSE®.

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Brilliant Distinctions

Brilliant Distinctions is a unique rewards program for those who receive Allergan aesthetic treatments such as BOTOX, JUVEDERM, SKINMEDICA. As a member of the Brilliant Distinctions™ Program, you can enjoy earning special rewards points that can help you save on future BOTOX treatments while rejuvenating your appearance. Ask us how you can join today!